A Dream To Be A Pro Gamer

The dream I had to be a pro gamer since I was young turned out to be very different from what I had expected. I had arrived. I thought, “I can finally have it all now.” But the reply I got was, “No, this isn’t it.” Yeah. That is how it felt. It’s what every pro gamer wants. Every League of Legends pro gamer wants the World Championship title. But if someone who won that title is unable to attain the glory that comes with it why would anyone go through so much for that? When we first went to the World Championship. When we first went? – Yeah. I liked that time the most. But that is inevitable. The first time you do anything in life, later you end up longing for that: https://casinoslots.sg/free-slots Because you can’t go back to that. Exactly.

The first time we qualified for Worlds, we cried. That was my first time in America and the World Championship. My goal in 2016 was the same as the one I had when I was young. I was chasing after honor. When we lost the Finals that time we were losing 0-2, then we got two wins to tie it up. And in the 5th game, we crumbled. So in that moment it felt futile. The anger he felt rather than expressing it through words, he showed it through the game. He wanted to show that he will overcome this. Well, it was always SKT. In 2016 and 2017. We didn’t have many wins against them. Since we weren’t able to win back then, it created this sort of fantasy about what it meant to win. That fantasy still existed in 2017. So in 2017, we won and it felt so good. On that day. We got our revenge. We did get our revenge. It felt really good at first. Min-ho cared a lot about the reactions from the fans. That he lost but somehow still won. That he lost mid lane but won the whole thing. But I never thought that. While practicing for the Finals, we came to the conclusion that Malzahar is OP. You may lose lane but you will never lose the game.

We also discussed that Faker’s counter was point-and-click CC. That’s why we wanted the Malzahar pick. With that, I played three straight games of Malzahar. The team and I thought that the result was a win and how we played the game was fine but that’s not what the people wanted. More flashy fighting. Winning through fights. Those types of things. That’s probably what they wanted to see and that’s why they cursed me so much. So that was the start. Complete mental breakdown. Rather than consoling him I just could not understand the fans’ reaction. He contributed a lot to the win. I knew exactly what an important role he fulfilled because I was playing the game. I just could not understand why people were disrespecting him. I should have done more to help him be stronger. I regret not having done that. Isn’t living how you want to live the definition of success?