Blackjack Tips: Splitting Pairs

Blackjack is a very interesting casino game to play, not only because it is very rewarding but also because it is very beatable. Using the basic blackjack strategy, you can easily stay ahead of the game and win a lot or cash prizes in return. There are several blackjack winning tips you may want to keep in mind, and we are going to discuss them in this article.

Make sure you know exactly the table rules you are playing against. Before you get started with the session, read the table rules carefully and understand the limits. You can only play using the right blackjack matrix when you know the table rules inside out.

Never – and I seriously mean NEVER – play while drinking. Even when you play blackjack online south africa from the comfort of your house, it is not OK to play the game while drinking. Keep in mind that you need to stay focus and make cool, calculated decisions throughout the session, and drinking will certainly lower your level of focus substantially.

Learn to control your emotions if you want to be a successful blackjack player. Once you start betting emotionally or chasing losses, you will lose more money in shorter amount of time. Keep the session under control and walk away from the game the minute you start betting emotionally.

Last but not least, always make sure you have a good bankroll management strategy in hand. Play at a stake you can afford and make sure you wager only the money you can afford to lose. Set aside winnings as you make them in order to stay profitable at all times.

One of the most important blackjack basic strategies you need to master in order to truly master the game is splitting pairs. Assuming doubling down after splitting is allowed and the dealer stands on a soft 17, here are a few basic strategies you can use to stay ahead of the game.

The first basic rule is to never split a pair of 10s. With a pair of 10s, your hand total is 20; it is strong enough to win the round and you shouldn’t change that at all. With a pair of 8s or Aces, on the other hand, the best way to go is to always split them in order to start with two relatively strong hands.

If you start with a pair of 2s or 3s, split when the dealer shows 2 to 7 and otherwise hit. If doubling down after splitting is not allowed, then you need to hit if the dealer shows a 2 or a 3. With this basic strategy, the probability of constructing a strong hand is relatively high.

For a pair of 4s, split when the dealer shows a 4 or a 5 and otherwise hit. If you start with a pair of 5s, on the other hand, you need to double down if the dealer shows anything but a 10 (or any of the face cards) and an Ace.

Split a pair of 6s if the dealer shows 2 to 6 and otherwise hit. The same basic strategy applies to a pair of 7s, with the addition of splitting if the dealer shows a 7. With a pair of 9s, simply stand if the dealer shows a 7, 10 (or any of the face cards), or an Ace.