Gambling Among Students Increases

A recent study has shown that gambling among college students has increased. The Annenberg Public Policy Center in Pennsylvania has found that 40% of college students aged 18-22 are gambling on a monthly basis. Online gambling itself has decreased because of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, or UIGEA, but live gambling has increased.

One of the reasons that gambling is so prevalent is that student loans and part time jobs just aren’t making the bills. They have expenses, etc. that they need paid for, and they need more money so they turn to gambling in hopes of increasing the amount that they have to spend.

However, online gambling is popular because not only of the convenience of having gambling in your dorm room or apartment, but there are tons of online casinos my out there promising tons of money. They have ads on their sites that promise to pay tuition, when really it is just a scam.

These kids end up losing their tuition money and then end up stealing and/or lying to try and win back the money they lost. Instead of simply worrying about grades, they are worrying about gambling debts and how to pay for school instead.

The Minnesota Department of Human Services has discovered that college students are three times more likely to have an addition to gambling than an adult does. Many students say it is because they feel like they are just on the verge of winning big – and many of them know someone who has done well at it and so they think they will as well.

iMEGA has filed a Notice of Appeal against the US Government in relation to the UIGEA or Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. Filing in the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals, they are referencing its challenge against “policy enforcement” of the UIGEA. The court has already ruled that they had the right to pursue the online gambling matter further, and that is what they intend to do.

When the ruling first came down, some thought that iMEGA was acting too hastily in calling it a victory. They said that a victory would have been the overturning of the UIGEA – however, they disagree. They say that having been told that they could continue to fight for the online gambling rights of Americans everywhere is a win – and they will continue to win.

Many feel that the online gambling fight is symbolic of many of the freedoms that Americans have seemingly lost in the past few years while President Bush has been in office. Some commented on the fact that the UIGEA was not what the people wanted, it was what Bush wanted – that he was not speaking for the people.

It would seem that some in the legal world feel the same way. With the Honorable Mary L. Cooper allowing the case to continue, it was a blow for the other side as they never felt it would see the light of day again. They were certain that the ruling would be completely in their favor and the fact that it wasn’t was surprising to many.

The company says that they expect the Justice Department to come forward with “all of its vast resources to this fight.” However, they are well prepared and are ready to fight as well.