Top 10 PC Hack and Slash Games

We’ve sifted through 66 titles to bring you a list you might agree with. No ARPGs, this is the Top 10 PC Hack and Slash Games, arranged by PlayScore. The playscore is an average of gamer and critic ratings. 10. Attack on Titan 2 Hajime Isayama’s manga turned anime turned videogame gets a sequel, giving all their *cough*weaboo fans the chance to relive their Titan-fighting moments. Featuring cel-shaded graphics that look straight outta comicbook pages, anime lovers will feel right at home. For newcomers to the franchise wondering how ever you could square off against the colossal humanoids, the answer….is grappling hooks. Become the new recruit and chase down those muscly beasts spiderman style through the familiar walled cities. As much as it’s improved on many of the first game’s features, it’s mostly criticized for feeling more like a rehash than a full-blown title. Still, it has a PlayScore of 7.82 9. Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death This is YOUR new breed of warrior. Probably borne out of a tongue-in-cheek pitch after a long day in the boardroom, Marlow Briggs might look like a joke but it seems to hit just the right notes. Excessively over the top and proud, take on the life of an angry man bestowed with ancient powers and help him restore sweet freedom to the world.

It’s nothing compared to the God of War series, but controls-wise it’s pretty close. Receiving fair scores at best from most critics, it’s the gamers that brought it up the ranks. Considering it’s ridiculous fun for cheap., it’s fair enough with a PlayScore of 7.94 8. Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Now we’re getting serious. As unexpected as this title was for the usually more stealth-focused Metal Gear franchise, Kojima is nonetheless impressive in his venture into hack and slash. Set four years after the events of MSG 4: Guns of the Patriots, play as the cyborg Raiden in her fight against the Desperado Enforcement. Yeah. It’s as tacky as it sounds. But, in the capable hands of Bayonetta and Nier developer, Platinum Games, Kojima’s vision becomes an acceptable and pretty badass treat. So if you’re like the normal person with a hard-on for ninja gaiden sword-slashing and don’t mind a few camera glitches, then, chief, this is it. It has a PlayScore of 7.96 7.

Strider Strider might be a familiar name for fans of the genre, being as it’s a remake of Capcom’s 1989 platformer that became a massive influence to favorites like Devil May Cry and God of War. Sticking with its sidescrolling platformer roots, it’s a far cry from the more liberating titles. It’s not any less stylish though. In fact, it’s distinctly futuristic in its portrayal of the Kazakh metropolis, and combat is just as fluid amd intense. Faithful to its original, critics felt the game was “too safe” of a reboot but as an admirable effort to bring Strider to the modern age, it has a PlayScore of 8.1 6.