What Makes A Gamer Successfull

Success? I guess in some ways it is your goal. Goal? You can think of it as your goal. It is your life goal. If you achieve your life goal that is success. – True. But if you make your goal something so easily within reach, you become empty. Just living feels that way. If I say my goal is to become a pro gamer and I fulfill that… I did it. – It’s now over. If getting a win is my goal and I accomplish that… It’s now over. It just feels like you get this empty feeling. So I don’t look towards the future. I just focus on today. For me, my dream was to win and get recognition from people. I did it. I won but I did not get any recognition. So, I don’t know. I don’t know what success looks like. I am currently on a journey to find it. Even if I win and everyone says I am the best when time passes, people forget. – Of course. For all things. – All things. For me… But I still remember Muhammad Ali. Yeah… Even if years pass, I guess people won’t forget Faker. – Right. Yeah, it’s like that… 2018 was the toughest. 2018. For me, it was 2017 Summer and all of 2018. And all the way up to now. Losing was just the hardest part.

We make it to the Asian Games Finals and lose. Then we lose again at Worlds. The only thing we’ve won is Worlds Qualifiers. Because we are Gen.G. But we lost more in 2016. But in 2016… – The weight was different. Losing knowing you will lose and… What is losing knowing you’ll lose? Losing after knowing you may lose and losing when you had to win no matter what, has different weights. 2018 was after we had won and there was that pressure too. That is why we had to break up in 2018. We would all separate with good intentions. That way you are only left with beautiful memories. For the well-being of one another. If you keep playing together, your heart gets worn out. Yeah, well… What I was looking for was my bright self from the past. Is that really weird? I wanted to go back in time. With those feelings in mind, I made my decision. I just thought you would fit in well. – In America? So, if you play in America I thought you could play the game more comfortably. The atmosphere here is a bit more free and it could be too much freedom sometimes but because of this freedom, you can control things on your own. I was so surprised seeing you play Rumble mid. Min-ho is playing Rumble mid? What is this? He has changed! I saw that and I instantly knew. You were like this in our match too but it seems you’re taking more of a lead. I think that’s how you’ve changed. I changed to take the lead more. Since coming over here. That is a good thing. People have to change while living.

So we have to change. So next week… So the next time you play us, I guess you won’t be playing Alistar since you played it last time. That’s because no one else was playing him. I played him first. Please watch your back. So your goal now is another World Championship win? Another? My goal now is to be happy. To find happiness. Like you mentioned earlier, I am not the type to cheer anyone on. You’re not that type. – Yeah, I am not the type. I am not like that but I find myself cheering you on. I think I have to leave. I don’t think you’re what your current record is. Yeah, this isn’t it. Even when I think about it… – I don’t think this is it. Right now, I’m not enjoying anything. But there was one moment that was very fun. When we got our first win the fans stepped out and stuck their hands out for high fives. That moment, it didn’t matter who they were or where they were from. These fans who came out to watch the games were smiling and telling us we did a good job. That will forever be in my memories. I remember it now too. This made me think I just want us both to live happily. I think it is a bit fascinating that Min-ho has the same thought as me. It makes me think we are all just here chasing after happiness.